For those who prefer entombment, Pennsylvania Monument Co. offers private mausoleums. These above-ground granite buildings have historically served as a dignified display of a person’s life in a private and elegant space. Mausoleums come in many varieties and sizes, from simple single-crypt models to more elaborate walk-in buildings that provide space for several interments.

With Pennsylvania Monument Co., you can choose elegant details such as stained glass windows, bronze doors, flower shelves and a private meditation area to visit your loved one’s final resting place. You can also personalize the design of a mausoleum by selecting architectural details, colors and engraved inscriptions as we work with you to ensure it meets your wishes.

The timeless granite construction withstands the elements and maintains its beauty, providing a clean and dry interior that is well suited for tranquil reflection and remembrance of your loved one.

By choosing Pennsylvania Monument Co., you will have the assurance of working with a company with years of experience in designing and constructing stately mausoleums. Please call us at (570) 454-2621 and we will be happy to assist you in designing an individual or family mausoleum.